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Zero Gravity is a beautiful first-person science-fiction puzzle-platform game, where you will undergo numerous stages of puzzling challenges.

In Zero Gravity, you will be in the eyes of a soldier who is undertaking special agent training in a military training facility, in orbit to Earth. You will be equipped with the 'XBC-13 Mechanical Suit' that will allow you to activate some features to then let you complete the stages more efficiently.

Install instructions

To install, simply open the .rar file once downloaded and extract the data folder and executable (exe) to a preferred location on your computer and run the exe to play it.

Once you have finished playing it and want to give some feedback, refer to the discussion thread named 'One Level Demo discussion' at the 'Steam Greenlight' page.



Zero Gravity Demo (Windows).rar 138 MB
Zero Gravity Demo (Mac).rar 139 MB
Zero Gravity Demo (Linux).rar 138 MB

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